China's film censors are reportedly threatening to punish the makers of two films which are screening in Un Certain Regard - Yu Lik-Wai's All Tomorrow Parties and Wang Xiaoshuai's Drifters.

Zhou Jiandong, director of the China Film Bureau, said that both films had violated regulations according to a report from Deutsche Presse-Agentur. Zhou did not say how the filmmakers would be punished although an announcement is expected soon.

Both films were shot in China without the required permits from the Film Bureau. However, the content of All Tomorrow's Parties is also believed to have angered the Chinese authorities with its bleak depiction of China in the future and its references to cults. The Chinese government has been sensitive about what it terms "evil cults" since it banned the Falun Gong movement in 1999.

All Tomorrow Parties is produced by France's Celluloid Dreams and Yu's Hu Tong Communication. Drifters is produced by Purple Light Films.