Beijing-based New Classic Media has partnered with Japan’s Fuji TV Network to co-finance and co-produce the Chinese film remake of 1991 hit Japanese TV drama 101st Marriage Proposal.

The Chinese film version will be called Say Yes, the name of the theme song title of the original TV drama. Taiwanese filmmaker Leste Chen (Love on Credit, Eternal Summer) will direct the $5.6m romantic drama with mainland actor Huang Bo (Cow, Crazy Racer) and Chiling Lin (Love On Credit, Red Cliff) starring.

Say Yes is a Beauty and the Beast-style story about a down-on-his-luck man (played by Detsuya Takeda in the original drama) who has gone through 99 arranged dates for a future wife but all failed. He meets a beautiful cellist (played by Atsyko Asano in the Japanese drama) on the 100th arranged date and immediately falls for her. But her heart is set on her ex-boy friend. Without good looks or deep pockets, the man can only pursue his love with a sincere heart and perseverance.

Former Beijing Galloping Horse executive Tina Shi and New Classic Media’s vice president Zhang Wenbo will serve as producers of the film.

Shooting will start in May in Shanghai, Tokyo and Okinawa. The two Japanese actors Atsyko Asano and Detsuya Takeda has promised to join as cameos. The release date is planned for February 2013.

New Classic Media is a Beijing-based entertainment company which previously mainly made investments in films such as Mr And Mrs Single and Zhang Yimou’s Under the Hawthorn Tree.