Chinese video-on-demand (VoD) platform YOU On Demand Holdings has signed a deal with K2 Communications to distribute films made for large formats on VoD in China.

The deal covers both transactional and subscription VoD. Among the titles that will be available to YOU On Demand subscribers are Dolphins, narrated by Pierce Brosnan with original music performed by Sting; Amazon, narrated by Linda Hunt, and The Living Sea, narrated by Meryl Streep.

The large format has received a massive boost in China following the government’s agreement to allow an additional 14 3D or enhanced format films into the country each year.

Headed by former WWE executive Shane McMahon, New York and Beijing-based YOU On Demand has a joint venture deal with state-owned movie channel CCTV-6.

K2 Communications is a production and distribution outfit specialising in non-traditional programming across a wide range of platforms.

“These giant screen films look exceptional when delivered in HD and present another kind of film experience for our customers,” said McMahon.

Last June, YOU On Demand announced that it had signed a VoD and pay-per-view (PPV) deal with Warner Bros, making the studios’ movies available to three million homes with access to CCTV-6’s pay-TV arm, China Home Cinema.

In Feb 2012, the company also pacted with Disney to distribute officially approved Disney films for both transactional and subscription VoD.