Kekexili: Mountain Patrol, the second feature by Chinese director Lu Chuan, beat WongKar-wai's's 2046 to thebest film prize at Taiwan's Golden Horse Awards, which showcases filmsfrom Taiwan, Hong Kong and China.

A bleak portrayal of life on a Tibetan plateau, it is thefirst entry from China to win the top prize in Taiwan. Kekexili is based on the true story of a journalist who joinsa Tibetan volunteer patrol chasing a ring of poachers trading in antelope wool.The film also took best cinematography for Cao Yu.

Taiwan has played host to the Golden Horse Awards for 41years, but contestants from Hong Kong and China have stolen the spotlight inrecent years as Taiwan's once-thriving movie industry is in decline. Thisyear's top prizes were distributed more evenly, however.

The best actress award went to Taiwan's Yang Kuei Mei, aveteran actress and four-time Golden Horse nominee, for her role in The MoonAlso Rises -- a melancholy drama about adivorced single mother and her adolescent daughter in a seaside town.

2046 went in to theawards with 8 nominations, but only won two trophies -- best art direction andbest original film score.

Hong Kong's Andy Lau took the best actor award for his rolein drama Infernal Affairs III.

Hong Kong's Johnnie To was awarded best director for BreakingNews.