Now in its 19th year, the festival will open with Jean-Pierre Ameris’ Romantics Anonymous on Nov 9.

Christophe Honore and Daniel Auteuil are amongst the film-makers who will be attending the 19th French Film Festival UK, which runs Nov 9-Dec 7 at venues across the UK.

Honore will present a screening of his film Beloved, which stars Catherine Deneuve and her daughter Chiara Mastroianni as mother and daughter.

Meanwhile Auteuil will talk to London audiences about remaking Marcel Pagnol’s classic The Well-Digger’s Daughter, which is screening as part of the festival.

The festival will open with Romantics Anonymous, starring Isabelle Carre and Benoit Poelvoorde, to be attended by the film’s director Jean-Pierre Ameris.

Programme highlights include Cannes hit The Fairy (in the presence of its Brussels based directors Fiona Gordon and Dominique Abel), Charlotte Rampling documentary The Look, Jacques Perrin’s documentary Oceans as well as new works by Alain Cavalier, Philippe Claudel, Danielle Arbid and Philippe Le Guay.

The focus of this year’s festival will be on the cinema of Brittany, as part of a special year at the French Institute in Edinburgh, which culminates with presentations of films made by the late Claude Chabrol.

In honour of the Scottish theme at this year’s Dinard British Film Festival (the equivilent of the French Film Festival UK), its artistic director Hussam Hindi is being given carte blanche to choose his favourite film of the festival.

The French Film Festival UK will take place in London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee, Inverness, Stirling, Bo’newss, Warwick and Manchester.

“This isn’t just a French-French film festival but a celebration of Francophone cinema from France, Quebec, Switzerland, Belgium, and Luxembourg (and any country where French is spoken). The diversity of French cinema is as vibrant as ever, reflected in this year’s choices,” said festival director Richard Mowe.

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