Australian filmmaker Christopher Doyle is scheduled to wrap shooting Dec 10 on Polish-language political thriller Warsaw Dark.

The story is based on the 2001 murder, still unresolved, of Jacek Debski, Polish minister of sport and tourism.

Doyle began filming Nov 12 on location in Warsaw with a Polish crew of less than 100 people. The cast features well-known Polish actors Jan Frycz, Anna Prybylska, Adam Ferency and Lukasz Simlat.

According to producer Ozumi Films, the production is financed completely from Polish sources, including the Polish Film Institute. Ozumi Films production supervisor Paulina Czech says the budget is not outstanding for a Polish production and that the production value should be seen in the performances and cinematography.

The producers are hoping for a world premiere at Cannes or another major festival. Monolith Films will distribute the film in Poland with a Nov 2008 release. The producers are still looking for an international sales agent.

Doyle has won awards for his cinematography on such films as Wong Kar Wai's 2046 and In The Mood For Love, and Yimou Zhang's Hero. He previously directed San tiao ren (1999) and a segment of omnibus feature Paris, je t'aime.