Hong Kong-based regional broadcaster Star Group has folded its Fortune Star division back into its main TV programming production and distribution operation, and appointed Yvonne Chuang as vice president, programme syndication and distribution, effective March 10.

Fortune Star's production team will report to David Searl, Star Group's senior vice president of production, while the syndication and distribution team will report to Chuang.

Chuang, who is currently vice president, acquisition and distribution, at Hong Kong-based Celestial Pictures, reports to Star Group COO Laureen Ong. She will oversee the syndication and home video distribution of Fortune Star's content library, which includes the world's biggest Chinese movie library and more than 20,000 hours of TV programming.

'In essence, Fortune Star now stands for our Chinese movie library and TV content assets,' said company spokesperson Jannie Poon.

Chuang's appointment follows the recent departure of Fortune Star general manager Peter Poon, who is producing his own projects,and distribution chief May Yip, who has joined Emperor Motion Pictures.

Fortune Star was founded in 2000 as a film and TV production and distribution offshoot of Star Group, but is now expected to step back from film production to focus on film library and TV programming sales.