Veteran German sales house Cine-International Filmvertrieb clinched a number of MIFED deals on its new and library titles.

Market newcomer E-M-S New Media licensed German-speaking video and DVD rights to eight pictures including Robert Sigl's mystery thriller Laurin, Wolfgang Lesowsky's Gustav Mahler, Michael Cacoyannis' Sweet Country, Nicholas Schilling's Rheingold and Rudolf Thome's Paradiso - Seven Days Or Seven Women. The package also included Strange Encounters, one of four film school projects Cine-International is handling, as well as 1986 Antonio Banderas picture The Puzzle and 1986 music film Romanza Finale (Gayarre) starring tenor Jose Carrera.

To Chicago-based distributor Public Medien Home Vision, Cine-International sold US and Canadian theatrical reissue and DVD rights on George Sluizer's classic The Vanishing.

Cine-International's Lilli Tyc-Holm also reported strong US and international interest in Thome's new project Venus Talking which it picked up on the eve of the market. The picture, about a novelist and her romantic choices, will be delivered by the end of the year and be ready for screenings at Berlin and the AFM.