Last week's Pusan festival was background for Cineclick Asia to unveil a string of English-language territory deals on its slate of high profile Korean movies.

Action comedy, My Wife Is A Gangster and boxing drama Champion were both sold to the UK's Medusa. Friend, the action drama which briefly held the Korean BO record, was sold to Chimera Films for the US.

The company is also in advanced negotiations with Blockbuster Video for US rights to Champion.

Medusa, which has long specialised in handling Asian films, was a significant theatrical distributor until the early 1990s, but has since focused its attention on the home entertainment sector and its Hong Kong Legends label. It is now assembling a collection of new titles, which could include its first theatrical release since 1992's Romper Stomper.

"The prospects for cross-over titles are improving. Britain has an increasingly educated public, more willing to watch films with sub-titles," said Stephen Rivers of Medusa. The outfit expects to use the capacity of DVD to carry both dubbed and sub-titled versions.

Sales newcomer, E-Pictures is doing well with Asian sales of its historical Korean drama YMCA Baseball Team. During the Pusan festival it sold the Myung Film-produced picture to Singapore's Media Works.