CineLink, the industry section of the Sarajevo Film Festival, announced its awards for the best projects pitched in the southeastern Europe co-production market.

The EAVE scholarship went to Serkan Cakarer, producer of the Turkish project Broken Mussels, from director Seyeftin Tokmak. Broken Mussels received the ARTE Sarajevo Film Festival award.

The Magic Box service award to Romanian project If I Want To Whistle I Whistle, from writers Catalin Mitulescu and Florin Serban, director Floran Serban and producer Daniel Mitulescu.

Borders, Raindrops received the Goteborg Film Festival award. The project is the first Bosnian-Montenegrin feature film co-production, written by Nikola Mijovic and Vlastimir Sudar and produced by Tihomir Stanic.

The Centre national de la cinematographie (CNC) award went to Strange Forest by Szabolcs Tolnai and producer Miroslav Mogorovic from Serbia.

The winners of the ARTE Sarajevo Film Festival award, the Goteborg Film Festival award and the CNC award each receive $3,700 (Euros 2,500) in support from Synchro Film, Video and Audio Vienna.

This year's CineLink jury was comprised of Jacqueline Ada from CNC (the French National Film Centre); Cine Regio general secretary Charlotte Appelgren; and Meinholf Zurhorst, director of the Cinema Department of ZDF; and producers Behrooz Hashemian, Georges Goldenstern and Cedomir Kolar.

This year's CineLink presented 15 project in two selections: CineLink and CineLink+. Twelve projects participated in CineLink's new and improved project development programme. Three other projects took part in CineLink+, a selection created to accommodate exceptional projects that did not fit into the workshop frame.