CineLink, the Sarajevo FilmFestival's co-production market for projects from Albania, Bosnia andHerzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Romania, Slovenia and Serbia andMontenegro, had its third edition at this year's, 11th festival (Aug 19-27,2005). CineLink has announced the winners with thetotal prize fund of $58,5000 (50,000 Euros) provided by theSarajevo Film Festival, BHT1, Hubert Bals Fund, Kodakand Austrian film lab Synchro.

As part of a year-longworking scheme, ten promising new projects from Southeast Europe participatedin script and project development workshops provided by the CineLinkprior to being presented at the CineLink Market heldduring the last three days of the 11th Sarajevo Film Festival.

The international juryconsisting of producers Philippe Bober, Hashemian Behrooz and Cedomir Kolar, together withthe Hubert Bals Fund representative Bianca Taal, commented on the ten projectsthat made CineLink's final cut:

These ten projects arewithout a doubt the best CineLink selection so far.The quality of the scripts, as well as the potential of the directors has risenand we believe some will turn into successful European co-productions. Havingin mind the CineLinkAward criteria that calls to the potential of directors and producers, thescript quality and marketability of the project - this jurydecided to grant three equal awards."

The next CineLink call for entries opens in January 2006, invitingprojects from all territories mentioned above, and including Hungaryfor its fourth edition.

2005 Winners:

Buick Riviera

Writtenby Goran Rusinovic, based on a novel by Miljenko Jergovic;

director:Goran Rusinovic (Croatia)


Writtenby Srdjan Vuletic,

DirectorSrdjan Vuletic (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Kino Lika

Writtenby Milan F. Zivkovic and Dalibor Matanic,

Director:Dalibor Matanic (Croatia)