DavidO Russell's 35-minute war documentary Soldier's Pay, which was to have been packaged with his 1999 GulfWar drama Three Kings on DVD untilWarner Bros dropped it, has landed at Cinema Libre Studio, the LA company whichis also releasing Robert Greenwald's documentary Uncovered: The War On Iraq.

CinemaLibre plans to release the films in US theatres in a double bill as of nextweek. Soldier's Pay will screenbefore Uncovered in selecttheatrical engagements across the country and will be added to the Uncovered DVD set for release on Oct 19.

Adirectorial collaboration between Russell, Tricia Regan and Juan CarlosZaldivar, Soldier's Pay cost $207,000 to produce. It features interviews withIraqi refugees, human-rights officials and veterans of the current war on Iraq.Warner returned rights to the film to Russell after it dropped the film fromthe Three Kings for politicalreasons.

"I am excitedto participate in this double bill that serves the audiences," said RobertGreenwald in a statement. "Both films take you inside the government speakingout about distortion of information, and David Russell's powerful personalstory of the toll war takes on those who have to fight it."

"I'm very,very pleased that Soldiers Pay will be released side-by-side with the work of Robert Greenwaldat this time - he's an important filmmaker," added Russell.

Greenwald andCinema Libre had previously collaborated on the theatrical release ofGreenwald's documentary Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War On Journalism.