South Korean distributorCinema Service has announced that
Vice President Kim In-soo will take over as thecompany's
new CEO/President.

The move will allow founder Kang Woo-suk, a film director
(Silmido) recognisedas one of the most powerful figures in the South Korean film industry, to focuson directing and producing full time.

Former CEO Michael Kim, who has overseen Cinema Service
together with Kang since 2000, will part ways with the company.

Meanwhile noted film directors Kim Sang-jin (Attack The Gas
Station) and Chang Yoon-hyun (Tell Me Something) will take
over as vice presidents, overseeing the company's activities
in production and other areas.

Cinema Service has also recently formed a partnership with
former rival CJ Entertainment which sees the latter taking
over international sales duties for both companies' titles.
Jennifer Muhn, formerly of Cinema Service, wasrecently
named to head CJ's sales arm as senior vice president of
international sales & acquisitions.