Cinemavault Releasing has closed 14 territorial deals in Cannes on the award-winning Inuit film The Fast Runner (Atanarjuat) including with Alcine Terran in Japan, Mediafilm in Italy and SF Norge in Norway.

Other buyers snapping up the epic film directed by Zacharias Kunuk were Ost For Paridis in Denmark, Bergvik in Iceland, Polyfilm in Austria, Sharmill in Australia, Rialto in New Zealand, Artfree in Greece, Quality Films in Mexico, Cineplex in Taiwan, Adyton in Poland, Noah in Israel and Intersonic in Czech Republic. Lot 47 Films will release the film in North America later this year.

Meanwhile Cinemavault has also closed deals for Quebecois hit Savage Messiah with CCV in Scandinavia, FEG in Benelux, Audio Visual in Greece, CVT in Mexico and Tsutaya in Thailand. Cinemavault CEO Nick Stiliadis said that a deal was close for the film in the US.

Earthworks Productions' Eve, an impressionistic wordless version of the Eve story written and directed by Neil St Clair, has been sold to Laid Back in Japan, Swezhe in Indonesia, Tsutaya in Thailand, Malvis in Singapore, Cineplex in Taiwan, Winson in Hong Kong, Artfree in Greece, AFM in Turkey, Pyramid in Russia and Noah in Israel.