London-based Cinesite(Europe) Ltd has won a contract for a portion of the visual effects for TombRaider 2 with Paramount Pictures.The company, which worked on Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, will produce some 3-D animation sequences whichconstitute a large portion of the total visual effects shots in the film whichwill again star Angelina Jolie and is being directed by Jan De Bont.

Cinesite's digitaleffects team has been developing pre-visualisation and working alongside theproduction at Pinewood Studios where the movie has been shooting since August.

The film's visualeffects supervisor Steve Begg will work with Cinesite, as he did on the first TombRaider movie. Cinesite'sdigital effects supervisor is Mike Talarico, whose previous work includes MissionTo Mars, Inspector Gadget and Armageddon.

Cinesite (Europe)'sother current film work includes Die Another Day for Eon Productions and MGM, Harry Potter And TheChamber Of Secrets for Heyday Filmsand Warner Bros and Shanghai Knights for Spyglass Entertainment.