European powerhouse financier CLT-Ufa International has unveiled a slate of five new English-language pictures for Cannes, including films by Yves Simoneau, Claire Denis and Bob Spiers.

The line-up is headed by Denis' Trouble Every Day, a psychological thriller starring Vincent Gallo, Beatrice Dalle and Alex Descas. The film is produced by Francine Films and Rezo Productions and is available outside France, Japan and German TV. It will screen at Cannes on promo reel.

CLT-Ufa International is also handling two pictures from Europa Pictures Production and produced by Thomas Hedman; the Simoneau-directed action thriller Ignition (aka Kingdom Come) and adventure comedy Kevin Of The North. Ignition is set to star Bill Pullman, Lena Olin and Rutger Hauer and is currently in pre-production. Sales outside Benelux, Greece, East Europe, German and French-speaking Europe, Italy and Swiss theatrical are handled by US-based Hilltop Entertainment. The Spiers-directed Kevin is an Alaskan-set sledging adventure which stars Natasha Henstridge, Skeet Ulrich, Rik Mayall and Leslie Nielsen.

Joining the Cannes slate is Claim, an oceanic thriller directed by Martin Lagestee. The picture, now in pre-production, is written by Dick Maas, whose The Elevator CLT-Ufa International is also handling. The Elevator, a thriller about a city ruled by technology, is also in pre-production.

CLT-Ufa International, which is now part of the CLT-Ufa group that merged with Pearson Television, will give a debut screening to Secret Society. The film is a UK-German co-produced comedy about female sumo wrestling directed by Imogen Kimmel. CLT-Ufa International is selling all rights outside Japan, Canada and the UK. Alliance Atlantis has UK and Canadian theatrical rights and CLT-Ufa International's 95%-owned subsidiary SND has it for France.