Edward Noeltner's Cinema Management Group (CMG) closed multiple territory sales at AFM on Dave Payne's horror sequel No Man's Land: Reeker 2.

Rights went to Germany (Capelight Pictures), Brazil (Flashstar Films), Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines (Suraya Films), Indonesia (P T Rapi Films), and Central America (Passatiempo).

Deals closed prior to the market in the CIS (JRC Group), the Benelux (Dutch Film Works), Greece (Hollywood Entertainment), Canada (Video Ville Showtime), Turkey (Ozen Film), the Middle East (Italia Film), Argentina (Eurocine), and Venezuela (Blancicia).

No Man's Land: Reeker 2 is being produced by The Institution's Tina Payne and is currently in post-production for an early March 2008 delivery.

'We were thrilled with the enthusiastic reactions received from our international distributors to the first three minutes of footage we had to present during the market,' CMG's Noeltner said.

'I'm confident, once we have the fully completed film to show, we should come in with sales in over 40 territories as we did with the first one.'

No Man's Land tells the story of a sheriff and his son who encounter the bizarre, fire-wielding Reeker while chasing bank robbers near the Mexican border.

CMG completed pre-sales in several markets on Marleen Gorris' upcoming $15m Heaven And Earth, about the first female surgeon in the British colonial Army in South Africa.

The producers are in talks with Carice Van Houten to star. Deals closed, pending confirmation of the lead, in Spain (AZ Distribution), the CIS (CP Digital), Greece (Hollywood Entertainment), Poland (Monolith Films), Romania (Television Inc), the Middle East (Italia Films), Argentina (Alfa Films), Columbia (Cine Columbia), and Pan Latin American Pay TV (Televix).

CMG also sold rights to a package of 10 titles from its Legend Films collection that included three restored early John Wayne and a trio of Abbott And Costello films. The buyers were Opening in France, CCV in Scandinavia, RCV in the Benelux, Flashstar Films in Brazil and Argentina, SPI for all Eastern Europe, and Tanweer Entertainment for the Middle East.