Former Funny Balloons partner Pape Boye has left the company to team up with Spain's Iris Star in the creation of a new sales entity, Coach 14.

Coach 14 will be based in Paris and run by Boye along with Jaume Domenech of Barcelona-based Stardis.

The company will aim to work with five-to-seven films in its first year with budgets between $1.3m (Euros 1m) and $7.8m (Euros 6m).

No projects are currently signed, but the pair expect to have at least two films come Berlin.

Domenech, who along with his father founded production company Iris Star and who now also manages distributor Stardis Pictures, told ScreenDaily, "We are looking for films with powerful elements. Since we are a young company we want films for young people, powerful films that go with the personality of the company."

If it's any indication of the company's personality, the name Coach 14 is a reference to the number of the bar car on France's TGV trains which, as Boye points out, "can be a very nice place to meet."