Columbia TriStar Brazil has boarded Brazilian production Me, You, Them (Eu, Tu, Eles) as co-producer and distributor.

The film, the second project from director Andrucha Waddington, is co-produced by Brazilian production outfit Conspiracao Filmes.

Columbia will contribute real920,000 ($494,000) towards the film's post-production and P&A. The investment will be made via tax incentive mechanisms which allow foreign distributors to invest part of their taxes on royalty revenues in co-producing local films.

Columbia, the most active Hollywood major in Brazilian production, used the same mechanism to co-produce eleven other local titles including Bruno Barreto's Four Days In September, Carlos Diegues' Tieta, the recently released Ra-Tim Bum Castle and Barreto's new film Bossanova, to be released in April.

Me, You, Them is based on the true story of a woman who managed to live with three husbands under the same roof in the conservative Brazilian countryside. Popular TV comedian Regina Case stars as the wife.

Waddington's first film Twins is released in Brazil today (Jan 20).