Comments on investment in UK story

If Ingenious and Martin Smith encouraged people to invest hundreds of millions in Girl With A Pear Earring, Vera Drake, Hotel Rwanda, Bride & Prejudice, Notes On A Scandal, Hot Fuzz and Golden Compass, it's hard to
take their opinions on the state of the industry too seriously.'

Jamie Brown, Studio Eight Productions, London

What UK film industry' We haven't got one when our own cinemas don't show UK films.

Take this week as an example one UK film in the top 10, which is like every other week! At the cinema I work at, its all American films in each of the screens.

If film bookers dedicated 50% screen space to UK films, they would stand a chance of making the money back and profit, if it was any good, thus encouraging investors in the UK industry.

We should have a quota system in place to allow the industry to grow not goverment/lottery money handed out to the select few!

Maybe I'm wrong but its worked in Korea even thou they don't have the disavantage of an international lanaugage.

Benedict Mart film-maker / projectionist

I feel that the future of film isn't at all in public funding.

I think that private investment on a global scale, together with loans, and pre-sales amongst companies is the only way ahead.

These days, nobody can depend on the public purse, because there is just too much red tape and hassle that interrupts the natural flow of things. Delays and obstacles is all we find in the UK.

I know that as a new film-maker, the world is greater outside the UK, and I feel that the film industry here in the UK will soon be relegated to teh sidelines, and the US and other countries will dominate the film scene.

There is no possibility of maintaining a sustainable film production business here in the UK, unless, one has an alliance with a Studio or other international partners.

The UK only wants to destroy profits by taxing them, and success here is always seen as a threat, where everyone will then want to chop you down, and the government certainly only looks out for itself than wanting to help!

The UK is a waste of time, especially with film. My advice to anyone: get out and pursue yoru career in the US or another country. There's a greater chance of succeeding and making a name for yourself with continues work.
Thank you.

Vanessa Gil