The 3D landscape has changed beyond recognition over the last ten years, writes RealD Europe MD Bob Mayson.

Where once the medium was considered something of a gimmick, today 3D is a creative tool used by the world’s leading filmmakers, who consider it an integral part of their arsenal as they seek to absorb audiences into the world of their work.

When used in basic conversion form, the medium adds tone and depth to certain scenes, but to maximise its potential, the technology has to be considered throughout the entire process and organically utilised to add layers of intensity to the story.

It’s thanks to the likes of Cameron, Luhrmann, and Cuarón that we’re witnessing the evolution of 3D as an art form.Over the next few years we’ll see more of that; better understanding of the filmmakers and the technology, how to plan the shots, how to more fully immerse the audience. Directors who have grown up with 3D at their fingertips will stretch it to its limits and better technology in post-production will help carry their visions from the set to the screen.

From our point of view, we’ll continue to find ways to deliver ever greater brightness, contrast, and clarity to exhibitors.

Within such a swiftly evolving industry, we’ve had to remain on our toes to provide the technological innovations to match both the imagination of filmmakers and the appetites of audiences. We’re particularly proud of the Precision White Screen (PWS). Combining the best of Silver and White Screens, PWS boasts the reflection characteristics of a standard white screen, but retains the polarisation of white light for 3D exhibitions, allowing for a screen that is four-times brighter than its competitors, and evenly distributed across its entirety.

It’s the end of the so-called sweet spot, and the pre-film dash to the centre of the auditorium. Audiences, quite rightly, are demanding more from the cinema. They’re there to be transported into an entirely new world, and each instance of half-hearted sound or impaired visuals impedes this process. Our new Premium Large Format offering, Luxe: A RealD Experience ensures audiences are given the first class experience they deserve: luxury seating, enveloping audio and the sharpest visuals. Four have been installed in Russia already, with a further 18 to follow, and we’re looking to expand across the globe in due course.

Great cinema is an event – an experience that actively stimulates the senses and imaginations of those watching, and nothing does this better than 3D. We want filmmakers and audiences alike to have the tools to get the very best out of a medium that shows no signs of stopping.