Jeremy Bolt and Paul Anderson's UK and US-based production outfit Impact Pictures is partnering with German powerhouse Constantin Film on an adaptation of historical epic Stonehenge 2000 BC.

The two companies will jointly produce the picture with Constantin taking worldwide rights in all media. Paul Anderson is to direct subject to script and availability.

The project is based on the novel by Bernard Cornwell which is a top five bestseller in the UK. The book, set in England during the Bronze Age, centres on the rivalry between three brothers. The story spans 50 years as the warrior Saban struggles to build the temple Stonehenge.

Cornwell also wrote the Sharpe series of novels televised by UK independent television company Central Television which has since become part of the UK's Carlton Communications.

Constantin has German rights to Impact's most recent production, There's Only One Jimmy Grimble, directed by John Hay with backing from Pathe Pictures.

Impact's development slate also includes $5m romantic comedy The Black Sheep (formerly known as The Walnut Tree) to be directed by John Roberts from a script by John Hay and Rik Carmichael. The company is also producing Deathrace 3000 for Paramount Pictures which Tom Cruise is expected to star in and co-produce through his Cruise-Wagner Productions production banner.