An NOP survey commissioned by The Industry Trust suggests changing attitudes among consumers to piracy.

The trusthas been carrying out a social stigma campaign which hopes to convince people that copyright theft is not a harmless vice.

And it claims the survey shows signs of success.

The study suggests67% ofconsumers now regard copyright theft as 'nothing to be proud of', compared to just 22% prior to the new campaign.

Some 57% believe pirate DVD buyers are 'cheapskates', again compared to 22%.

Those considering unofficial downloads and file-sharing to be 'wrong' has risen from one in three (34%) to over half (56%).

Paul Archer, Interim Director-General of the Industry Trust, said: 'To have achieved such a positive impact on attitudes in such a short space of time is extremely encouraging. To have started to turn those attitudes into action at this early stage far exceeds our expectations, so we're delighted with the findings.'