ContentFilm has announced a number of sales on supernatural thriller The Daisy Chain, which stars Samantha Morton and Steven Mackintosh.

The Daisy Chain has gone to France (Wildside), Greece (Spentzos), Poland (Monolith), Portugal (Lusomundo), Brazil (Playarte), The West Indies (Caribbean Film Services), and Romania (Media Pro).

Aisling Walsh directs, and the film is now in post-production.

ContentFilm's Jamie Carmichael said: 'The sensational performances from both Samantha and Mhairi have created a really scary and haunting film.'

Morton and Mackintosh play a couple who are mourning the death of their baby when they meet an orphaned autistic girl (played by newcomer Mhair Anderson) who may not be what she seems.

The Daisy Chain is a UK/Irish co-production, produced by Subotica Entertainment's Tristan Orpen Lynch and Dominic Wright.

ContentFilm is co-financing the film with the Irish Film Board, The Wales Creative IP Fund, The Limelight Fund and The Broadcast Commission of Ireland.