ContentFilm Internationalhas acquired worldwide rights to and will co-finance the new action horror filmOutpost.

Steve Barker will direct theproject for producers Black Camel Pictures and Matador Pictures.

The film, written by RaeBrunton, is set in an unnamed Eastern European country, where battle-wornmercenaries are hired by a mysterious businessmen forhis own special mission.

Outpost iscasting now and principal photography will start Jan 8, 2007.

Black Camel's Arabella Croftsaid, "Steve is one of the most talented new directors in the UK, and its refreshing to see how fast a deal can cometogether when you have a great package,"

ContentFilm managingdirector Jamie Carmichael added: "Outpostis a gut-wrenching action horror movie.It's going to be one of thescariest, most adrenaline-fuelled British horror films ever made."

Contentfilmms slate alsoincludes Paul Verhoeven's Black Book,Peter Greenaway's Nightwatching,Richard Attenborough's Closing The Ring and Fred Schepisi's Last Man.