Controversial Dutch director Theo van Gogh (47) was murderedthis morning in Amsterdam. According to police reports, the filmmaker, knownfor his provocative statements, was stabbed and shot in the centre of the Dutchcapital. A suspect was arrested near the scene of the crime after an exchangeof gunfire with police.

Van Gogh had just finished his film 06/05 about the assassination of right-wing politician Pim Fortuyn,who was shot dead by an animal rights activist two years ago.

Fortuyn, an idol of Van Gogh, shared his views on theimmigration problems in Holland.

Recently, Van Gogh also raised a storm with his short film Submission nr. 1, which dealt withviolence against women in Islamic societies. Van Gogh, also a maverickcolumnist, was subject to many threats during his life.