Jeremy Davies, Gerard Depardieu, Billy Zane, Elodie Bouchez and Giancarlo Giannini have all been lined up to star in CQ, to be directed for Francis Ford Coppola's Zoetrope by his son Roman Coppola. It is one of several Zoetrope productions being financed by Germany's VCL and sold through Capitol Film Sales.

The others include the previously announced biopic on Mexican artist Frida Kahlo to be directed next February by Luiz Valdez (La Bamba) with Jennifer Lopez playing the iconic painter.

In addition, Robert Duvall will helm Assassination Tango as his directorial follow-up to his warmly-received debut The Apostle. His second film behind the camera is a thriller about a hit-man sent to Argentina, in which he will also star.

The slate of 10 American Zoetrope films, which are being financed by MGM specialty label United Artists and VCL, also includes Hal Hartley's Monster. The modern re-working of the Beauty And The Beast fable stars Sarah Polley, Robert Burke, Helen Mirren and Julie Christie and is currently shooting.

Capitol is also handling Pumpkin, a love story starring Christina Ricci, Dominque Swain and Brenda Blethyn, plus Jeepers Creepers, a horror film directed by Victor Salva.

The London-based sales outfit is also handling the next three films to be directed by Woody Allen, all of which are being bankrolled by VCL and DreamWorks.