Sofia Coppola's Marie-Antoinette has officiallybegun shooting at the Palace of Versailles just outside Paris.

The new film from the director of Lost In Translationwill shoot entirely in France for 11 weeks before heading to the USfor post-production.

Kirsten Dunst stars as Marie-Antoinette, the Austrian whobecame Queen of France and was beheaded in 1793during the French Revolution.

Jason Schwartzman co-stars as Louis XVI, Rip Torn asLouis XV and Judy Davis as the Countess of Noailles. Other high profile castmembers include Asia Argento, Steve Coogan, Marianne Faithful, Aurore Clementand Guillaume Gallienne.

The Columbia Pictures releaseis produced by Ross Katz through American Zoetrope.

Coppola is also one of thefilm's producers and has written the screenplay. Fred Roos, Francis Ford Coppolaand Paul Rassam serve as executive producers.

Sony Pictures Entertainmentwill distribute throughout most of the world with Pathe and Tohokushinshahandling France and Japan, respectively.