Director AgnieszkaHolland's Copying Beethoven is shooting this month in Hungary - thelatest in a string of productions attracted to the country because of its lowcosts and film tax breaks.

Copying Beethoven tells the story of the last few months inthe life of composer Ludwig van Beethoven and stars Ed Harris as Beethoven andDiane Kruger. The production has a forty-day shooting schedule in Hungary,finishing in late May. Locations include Budapest as well as several smallertowns and rural areas.

"The main reason we chose to shoot in Hungary is that there arelocations that work very well for our story", the film's line producer RonaldoVasconcellos told

The Sidney KimmelEntertainment and VIP Medienfonds production is co-produced by Hungary'sEurofilm.

It is takingadvantage of the country's film tax break which offers a twenty percent refundon the production's Hungarian expenditure.

Another productionwhich recently wrapped for Eurofilm was director Joe Cardone's Velvet Sideof Hell.

The US/Hungarianco-production was also produced Sandstorm Entertainment and Screen Gems. ItsHungarian expenditure was $2.8m.

Focus Film is alsoco-producing a string of foreign productions shooting in Hungary, the latestbeing director John Irvin's The Moon And The Stars.

The Euros 10.4mproduction stars Jonathan Pryce, Alfred Molina and Catherine McCormack. Thefilm is set to be photographed by renowned Hungarian cinematographer ElemerRagalyi this summer in Hungary (6 weeks) and in Italy (1 week).

Fox 2000 is alsoreportedly set to shoot medieval-set fantasy Eragon in Hungary thisJuly. Based on the novel by Christopher Paolini, it is directed by StefanFangmeier.