The Cork Film Festival saw the The Jameson Award for best Irish short film go to director Simon Fitzmaurice for Full Circle.

The debut director's film was cited by the jury for 'its ability to tell a story with tenderness and humour, managing to create an entire world through very simple detail.'

The film beat off a 40 strong shortlist of entries for a prize worth Euros 6,000 in cash and Euros 8,000 in facilities.

The jury gave special mention to director Roisin Loughrey for her short black and white documentary, Fall Into Half-Angel, 'for its powerful conveyance of the themes of love and trust in a simple and poetic way.'

The Claire Lynch Award for best first short film by an Irish director (worth Euros 1,000 in cash, Euros 5,000 of facilities, and 4,000 feet of Kodak 16mm film stock) went to John Hayes for Two Fat Ladies.

The jury gave the award for best International Short Film (worth Euros 4,000 cash and Euros 8,000 of audio post-production facilities) to director Hans Peter Moland of Norway for United We Stand, calling it, 'an original, intelligent, and moving film on the political dynamics of the individual and the collective.'

The jury gave special commendations to three films in this category - Crackerbag directed by Glendyn Ivin, Australia; The Man Without A Head directed by Juan Solanas, France; and Fragile directed by Sikander Goldau, Germany.

The audience award for best Irish short went to Yu Ming Is Ainm Dom, directed by Daniel O'Hara, and the audience award for best international short went to Rave Against The Machine, England, directed by James Harvey, Richard Rudy, Stevan Riley, and Holly Lubbock.