The second editionof Copenhagen's international documentary film festival CPH:DOX, runs in theDanish capital from Nov 5-14, with higher expectations and a greater number offilms after last year's success which recorded 11,700 admissions.

The Danish Producers'Association has instigated a documentary award, GoldDoc, which will be awardedto the best local films at the opening ceremony on Nov 4.

Prizes will go tobest cinematography, editing, sound as well as best film in the categories,best children's doc, best debut, best short doc and best long doc.

No less than 26 newlocal documentaries are among the total 140 films.

Two of these,Soeren Fauli and Mikala Krogh's MinMorfars Morder and Jeppe Roende's JerusalemMy Love, are among the ten selected for the main competition, whichincludes international hits like Mark Achbar and Jennifer Abbott's The Corporation, Hubert Sauper's Darwin's Nightmare, Jonathan Caouette's Tarnation and Pirjo Honkasalo's Three Rooms Of Melancholia.

A $6,350 (Euros5.000) prize, sponsored by the Danish Broadcasting Corp, will be awarded at theclosing gala by the international jury made up of Toronto co-director NoahCowen and producer Vibeke Windeloev among others.

The festival willalso present the world premiere the 'Dogumentary' films, which were inspired bymaverick Lars von Trier's documentary Dogme aimed at 'bringing the documentaryback to reality'.

These include filmsfrom acclaimed filmmakers like Norway's Margreth Ohlin, Sweden's Paal Hollanderand Denmark's Michael Klint, Sami Saif and Bente Milton.

The festival hasanother two parallel competitions, the newly-instigated New Vision Award($3,175/Euros 2,500) and the Amnesty Award (Euros 5.000).

The latter,arranged in collaboration with Amnesty International, screens a number ofcontroversial films including Andrei Nekrasov's Russian Disbelief and Yoav Shamir's award-winning Checkpoint.

The nine filmscover the ongoing Russian-Chechen and Israeli-Palestinian conflicts and thejury comprises international filmmakers like Iranian-born Nahid Persson,South-African Rudzani Dzuguda and Palestinian Anne Marie Jacir.

The festival thisyear also includes seminars, work-in-progress, case studies on The Corporation and Peter Mettler aswell as special screenings around the city - including in a state prison (forinmates only).

The independentdocumentary film festival is organised by the NatFilm Festival in collaborationwith the Danish Film Institute, and this year the budget has increased to$205,000 (DKK1.2m). The key people behind CPH:DOX are Tine Fischer, Kim Foss,Jacob Krogh, Niels Lind Larsen, Tine Mosegaard and Andreas Steinmann.