The locations of its three main hubs are not up for consultation; DCMS confirms its initial budget will be $7.3m (£4.5m) in combined grant in aid and lottery funding.

Newly formed regional umbrella body Creative England is calling for responses from the film industry to a draft strategy for 2011/2012, which it has published today.

The strategy - Creative England: A Consultation on Strategic Priorities for Film for 2011/12 - pinpoints three priorities for the year ahead: developing creative talent, nurturing film culture and helping to maximise inward investment.

The body, which from October will replace the UK regional screen agencies following the abolition of the UKFC, also promises to keep overheads to a minimum as well as stimulating innovation and partnering up with organisations such as the BFI, Film London and Skillset.

What is not up for consultation is the locations of Creative England’s three main hubs, which have already been named as Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol, all of which are in the west of the UK.

Some industry insiders have expressed concern over the locations of the hubs, fearing that film-makers on the east side of the country, who have until now been served by regional screen agencies including Screen Yorkshire and EM Media, will suffer as a result.

Creative England Chairman John Newbigin maintained that the body would “serve business and talent right across the English regions. The hubs will work with locally-based companies and sector organisations across the country to ensure that support reaches the industry wherever it is needed.”

DCMS has also confirmed that for the year 2011/12, Creative England will have an initial budget for film-related activities of around £2.5m grant in aid and around £2m Lottery funding from the BFI.

Only the body’s 2011/2012 strategy is up for consultation. Going forward, Creative England’s strategy will be part of the review into film policy which is to be led by the Government and the BFI.

The draft strategy is available to view on Creative England’s website, with responses from the film industry being invited until March 31 at