Lobby group, the European Film Companies Alliance (EFCA) this week published Creative Financing For European Films, a booklet containing papers and conclusions from its high-level conference on European cinema funding which took place in Cannes this year.

The conference was partially-funded by the European Commission. Screen International was among the sponsors, which also included the Media Business School and SAS Radisson Hotels.

Rasmus Ramstad, president of Svensk Filmindustri and EFCA chairman, said: 'Every film production professional should read this document. With the financing of film in Europe becoming increasingly difficult, this booklet explains what financial options are currently open to them on a practical level and lists what needs to be done to cumulate those investment incentives to fund ambitious productions."

EFCA says that its objective is to ensure that local financial mechanisms and schemes managed by the European Investment Bank meet the needs of the European industry and creators. This publication exposes the need to review bi-lateral treaties in order to make them compatible with the development of the European film market and to develop ways to make it easier for producers to cumulate national incentive mechanisms.

'Creative Financing for European Films', priced at Eu23, can be ordered from Allison Reekie at EFCA at: areekie@kernnet.com or by fax on +