The Simpsons Movie raked in the international doh! this weekend as Fox's much-awaited film opened with $82.5m over the three-day period. The Springfield gang amassed a total of $96.8m across 71 territories on 5,527 screens for a whopping $14,925 average. The fifth Harry Potter instalment slipped by 51% to second place, taking $48.9m at the weekend, carrying it over the $450m mark in just three weeks. Transformers was up 32% after an impressive $17.7m opening in the UK, taking a total of $44.5m at the weekend. Korean drama May 18 entered the chart in sixth place, taking $7.3m in three-days for a total of $9.6m in its home territory. And Ratatouille increased 160% after expanding in six territories, generating more than $10m for a cumulative $50.9m to date. Evan Almighty, Amazing Grace and Mr Bean's Holiday all re-entered the international chart.

Analysis: International box-office Weekend July 27-29
week)Film (origin)gross $ScrsCume $Terr
1NewThe Simpsons Movie (US)$82,488,4325,527$96,854,19771
2(1)Harry Potter And The ... Phoenix (US-UK)$48,923,87510,318$450,265,76858
3(2)Transformers (US)$44,539,7675,331$249,468,07147
4(3)Die Hard 4.0 (US)$10,136,0794,220$177,018,55334
5(6)Ratatouille (US)$10,022,0002,467$50,890,00020
6NewMay 18 (S Kor)$7,398,625534$9,663,6641
7(4)Shrek The Third (US)$6,911,5244,101$398,651,93238
8(13)Knocked Up (US)$3,028,291564$12,964,0464
9(5)Hairspray (US)$2,949,606394$11,496,0083
10(8)Partner (Ind)$2,811,222648$10,223,95217
11(7)Pokemon 2007 (Jap)$2,330,663351$20,709,1571
12(12)Monkey Magic (Jap)$1,994,664460$16,295,4051
13(10)Ocean's Thirteen (US)$1,953,9361,544$159,784,66642
14(9)Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End (US)$1,891,0001,664$644,484,00023
15(14)Death Proof (US)$1,439,361714$17,556,57221
16(11)Next (US)$1,341,713594$30,658,41711
17(15)Invisible Target (HK)$1,278,409522$4,804,2143
18*Evan Almighty (US)$1,196,141287$5,898,9468
19(28)Hostel: Part II (US)$1,155,319784$15,053,66817
20NewI Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry (US)$868,928139$868,9283
21(17)Alone (Thai)$843,915194$6,301,4813
22*Amazing Grace (UK-US)$809,627198$5,683,6472
23NewSeance (Phil)$759,66268$759,6621
24NewNo Reservations (US)$751,088249$751,0881
25(18)Pathfinder (US)$738,122281$16,108,9614
26*Mr Bean's Holiday (US-UK-Fr)$712,605550$186,517,69910
27(19)Vacancy (US)$708,731423$6,741,05515
28(25)Doraemon: Nobita No Kyoryu (Jap)$689,388227$4,334,6133
29NewMuoi (S Kor)$616,082181$616,0821
30(16)Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer (US)$575,633557$109,405,2978
31(26)Persepolis (Fr)$531,100352$6,825,7192
32(20)Kung Fu Tootsie (Thai)$481,672139$1,682,1731
33*Paradise Lost (aka Turistas) (US)$422,300218$4,885,6913
34NewIn Country Melody (Thai)$419,094101$419,0941
35(22)Premonition (US)$416,389230$26,186,1088
36NewNanking (US)$404,75255$404,7521
37(31)2 Days In Paris (Fr)$381,007199$4,751,1328
38(21)Naqaab (Ind)$371,148411$5,461,63014
39(33)La Vie En Rose (Czech-Fr-UK)$361,372134$62,457,21212
40(24)Hot Fuzz (US-UK-Fr)$352,754254$55,069,4608
*Re-entry. (c) Screen International, compiled by Leonard Klady