Just as Spanish talents are making greater-than-ever strides into Hollywood, Spain's leading lady Penelope Cruz looks set to rev up her European activity.

Cruz has signed on with French agent Bertrand de Labbey of Art Media to seek future projects in France following her Fanfan La Tulipe experience. "She's very interested in doing more French films," says Cruz's longtime Madrid-based agent Katrina Bayonas. "The more countries and languages she can work in the wider the range of material she'll be offered."

Cruz is also considering a couple of projects in Spain and her participation in a forthcoming Pedro Almodovar film is certain, Bayonas says, though not necessarily the director's next. Cruz and fellow Spaniard Antonio Banderas have both long expressed interest in Almodovar's thriller Tarantula.

Meanwhile, Bayonas' two and a half year old Los Angeles office of her company Kuranda Management International is welcoming more interest than ever in Spanish-speaking talents.

"Since we opened in LA to create a bridge between European actors and the US industry, we have seen the fruits of our labours," she says. "There is enormous interest in Hispanic talents."

Clients like Elena Anaya (Van Helsing), Pilar Lopez de Ayala (The Bridge Of San Luis Rey) and Leticia Dolera (Imagining Argentina) are all fielding offers in Hollywood.

Bayonas also recently signed an agreement with Scandinavian agent Laura Munsterhjelm to co-manage several clients and try to open up the US market for them. The actors include Mats Langbacka, Julia Dufvenius and Bjorn Floberg.