Columbia TriStar FilmDistributors International (CTFDI) saw its horror thriller Gothika surge to $6.1m on 1,737 screens over the weekend oninternational release, including a strong $2.6m opening in the UK on 306screens for third position in the market.

The Halle Berry-starrer hasnow totaled $58.1m in CTFDI territories which consist of all internationalexcept Japan which was retained by domestic distributor Warner Bros. It alsoopened in Sweden with $0.21m on 51 screens.

Meanwhile CTFDI's AdamSandler picture 50 First Datesgrossed $2.9m on 556 screens in eight territories including Australia where itheld on to the number one spot and dropped just 12% in its second weekend togross $1.9m on 286 screens. Its 11-day total is now $4.8m. It looks set tobecome Sandler's biggest film to date in Australia.

In Thailand, it scored thebiggest romantic comedy opening ever - $0.435m on 87 screens. It also opened inNorway, with $0.1m on 27 screens.

Peter Pan continued its international rollout for CTFDI,grossing $3.6m over the weekend on 2,057 screens for an internationalcumulative total to date of $55.5m. Notable opening was in Mexico where thefilm took $1.3m on 314 screens.

CTFDI's chiller SecretWindow starring Johnny Depp openedin Russia with $0.385m from 129 screens, a fairly strong start for the picturein a market which traditionally has never favoured horror.