Good Machine International (GMI) has acquired international sales rights outside North America, Spain and Latin America to Alfonso Cuaron's latest film Y Tu Mama Tambien which is currently shooting in Mexico.

The film marks Cuaron's return to Spanish-language films in Mexico after two Hollywood films - Great Expectations (1998) for 20th Century Fox and A Little Princess (1995) for Warner Bros.

Y Tu Mama Tambien is the first film to be marketed under the banner "Uncensored Cinema" - a series of films exploring the subject of sexuality without limitation, while granting the director full creative expression.

"Uncensored Cinema" is the pet project of Good Machine co-founder Ted Hope who is also collaborating with Denmark's Zentropa Entertainment on future entries in the series.

On Y Tu Mama Tambien, Cuaron's desire to return to Mexico to make a more personal film coincided with discussions the director was having with Hope about sensuality in cinema.

The film is co-written by Cuaron and his brother Carlos Cuaron. It stars Maribel Verdu (Belle Epoque) as a beautiful woman in her late twenties who travels to a deserted coastal paradise with two young men. Jorge Vergara is producing.

Director of photography is Emmanuel Lubezki, Oscar-nominated for Sleepy Hollow, who also shot A Little Princess and Great Expectations. The deal was negotiated by GMI president David Linde and vice president of acquisitions and co-productions Amy Kaufman, Todd Stern of Weissman, Wolff, Bergman, Coleman and Silverman LLP and Endeavor. Cuaron himself retains the rights in the non-GMI territories.

Cuaron made his name in Mexico with his first film Solo Con Tu Pareja (Love In The Time Of Hysteria) which became the highest grossing film in Mexico in 1992 and launched his career in Hollywood. A sex comedy, Love In The Time Of Hysteria was also written by Carlos Cuaron.