UK distributor Curzon Artificial Eye has acquired UK rights to four new films.

Curzon Artificial Eye has taken on Andrea Arnold’s Fish Tank, Ari Folman’s Cannes competitor Waltz With Bashir, Olivier Assayas’ Summer Hours and David Volach’s My Father, My Lord.

Arnold’s Red Road follow-up FishTank in pre-production and was acquired from producers Kasander Ltd.

AriFolman’s animated Cannes competitor Waltz With Bashir is sold by TheMatch Factory. The film is about Folman’s experience in the Israeli army during the Lebanese war of the 1980s.

Olivier Assayas’ Summer Hours (L’Heure d’ete) is sold by MK2International. The story follow is about a family gathering after the matriarch dies; the ensemble cast features Juliette Binoche.

David Volach’s My Father, My Lord, the Israeli dramathat won the Founders Award at Tribeca 2007, is sold by Paris-basedEZ Films.