London's Curzon Soho cinema is hosting a four-day short filmfestival, starting on July 6.

The Short Film Summer School (SFSS) will screen some of thebest work from new and established directors.

The Screen International-supported event also includes workshops,advice sessions and a chance to pitch ideas with the UK Film Council.

One of the SFSS patrons is former short film maker AsifKapadia, who has since moved on to feature films, including The Warrior.

He believes attitudes are changing. "There's a lot moreindividuality and edginess with the short film. It's not about beiong a callingcard but creating a personal and independent vision."

The event was pre-launched last week at a party that included a sneakpreview of 24-year-old JohnWilliams' moving short Hibernation.

The film, backed by Peter Lowe's Screenchannel and WorkingTitle 2, is produced by Andy Gordon and Christos Michael's Sound Films. It willhave its UK premiere at Edinburgh Film Festival.

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