Mediterranean sunspot, Cyprus is to get its second multiplex next month with the opening in Larnaca of a six-screen theatre operated by K Cineplex.

DJK Karatatis, the local Cypriot trading group which built and operates the K Cineplexes, opened its first site in Limassol in late 1999 and plans to open another six-screener in Nicosia in December.

The new complex is situated close to the centre of Larnaca, which already boasts a number of one- and two-screen cinemas. In addition to all the latest seating, sound and screen technology common to new multiplexes, it also boasts satellite reception equipment for simultaneous big screen broadcasting of live events. Ominously, it also has an anti-seismic structure.

"Our target audience is the local Cypriot population, rather than tourists, and we don't expect to put the smaller theatres out of business. What we are about is offering more choice," said marketing manager Froso Adamides. The company says that the first multiplex had the effect of doubling cinema visits in the town, but it is unwilling to publicly forecast the impact of the new complexes, nor disclose the attendance level necessary to break even. This is not entirely surprising, given that another local firm is planning a new three-screen complex to serve the island's 700,000-stong population.