Prague has seen significant growth as a production hub in recent years, but it has been the local industry taking the initiative in attracting foreign producers. The Czech Film Commission was established by local producers in 2004 in order to assist foreign film-makers, promote the Czech Republic and lobby government.

With a background in subtitling and translating screenplays, Ludmila Claussova has run the commission since its inception.

Why shoot in the Czech Republic'
The Czech Republic offers great production value, particularly in the wide variety of locations and in its highly developed film and commercial infrastructure - including high-end studios and post-production facilities.

What could the Czech Republic do better'
We should offer some kind of fiscal incentives or benefits for both incoming and local film production. The film commission was established as a private initiative in 2004 - it should be part of the public administration. This would give us legitimacy and more power to negotiate with public bodies and government institutions in order to improve and facilitate filmmaking in our country.

Which are your biggest competitors'
The best in Europe: the UK.

For producers, what is the deciding factor in where to shoot'
Good production value for the money they spend.