Binger veteran will also continue her own writing.

Writer Daan Gielis will join forces with producers Danielle Guirguis and Petra Keijser as Smarthouse’s Head of Talent, acquiring and developing feature and documentary projects.

Gielis will work part time with the company and will continue her own writing. She had been Head of Talent for Binger Filmlab from 2005 to 2012.

Gielis will be scouting for “upcoming and renowned talent with edgy and original crossover projects for the international market.”

Gielis has also worked at the Netherlands Film Festival, Rotterdam’s CineMart, Motel Films, A-Film Distribution, and Fortissimo Films.

After making the 2011 short Undertow, she is also developing two features with Smarthouse: La Holandesa and Le Voyeur.