Screen South, a Regional Screen Agency for the South East, announced the appointment of joint new interim CEOs on Thursday, leading Arts consultant Sarah Dance and film cultural advisor Chris Chandler.

“I am delighted to be entrusting the work of Screen South into the hands of two such capable and inspiring people,” said Nolan about Dance and Chandler. “Both Chris Chandler and Sarah Dance understand the challenges and opportunities which lie ahead for Screen South and will have the very best in mind for our regional industry and community.”

Dance and Chandlers’ appointments come as Screen South prepares the imminent launch of the Accentuate programme, a Paralympics awareness event leading up to the London 2012 Olympic Games, and the 2010/11 round of the award-winning Digital Shorts programme.

“I’m delighted to be taking up this role at this important time for Screen South,” said Dance, who has worked previously with Screen South in the Legacy Trust for the Accentuate programme. Since 2001, Dance has also worked with other arts and media organisations and regional bodies including Kent County Council and Culture South East, where she served as Interim Executive Director. “I have been privileged to work with the staff and board for some years as Strategy Consultant and know at first hand what a talented, committed and enthusiastic team we have.”

Chandler, as former Head of UK Partnerships at the UK Film Council, also expressed excitement in his new position amid a transitional time for Screen South.

“I am very excited about the opportunities and challenges which the next 6 months will present,” said Chandler. Having started his career as a stage manager and lighting designer for theatre, Screen South’s Chairman, Graham Benson praised Chandler’s experience with local arts authorities and at the British Film Institute.

“Chandler has a long and distinguished record in arts and media at a significant level,” said Benson. “We warmly welcome him to Screen South’s senior management team.”

About Dance, Benson lauded her leadership and her commitment to public service.

“Sarah is an old friend of Screen South; she has proven herself to be a brilliant strategist. They will both be invaluable as we face the challenges of the next few months.”