Denmark has fallen for its very own Bridget Jones - ahit film based on a newspaper column about a frustrated single girl eating toomuch ice cream and having too few boyfriends

Nynne's Diary is ruling the Danish box-office charts selling 277,000 tickets in fourweeks and the film is still shown in 58 copies.

Just like BridgetJones, Nynne's merits were firstheard about in a column in leading daily Politiken.

Since then she has enjoyed bestselling booksand now a hit movie for the three journalist authors, Henriette Lind, LotteThorsen and Annette Vestergaard.

The film rights are already sold to Sweden, Norway and Iceland and the negotiations with Finland are coming along nicely.

Angel Scandinavia is selling the film and plansto push it into the international market at the upcoming Berlinale.

Previously nearly unknown Mille Dinesen playsNynne with confusing conviction and she is already set to star in the nextprobable hit written by Anders Thomas Jensen. Spraengfarlig bombe - as yet untitled in English but translateddirectly it means Explosive Bomb.

Director of Nynne's Diary Jonas Elmer debuted in 1997 with Let's Get Lost. A generation portrait of near 30 year old singlesdisguised as a slacker comedy. Since then he has mainly been working with the hottestlocal comedy talent in sitcoms.