This year's Danish film critics' nominations for the Bodil awards reveal some unusual differences from those selected by the Danish Film Academy for The ROBERTS.

Common to both, Per Fly's The Inheritance led the field with Lars von Trier's Dogville. Both films were nominated as best film, best actor (Ulrich Thomsen in Inheritance) and actress (Nicole Kidman in Dogville), as well as best supporting actor (Stellan Skarsgaard in Dogville) and best supporting actress (Lisa Werlinder) and supporting actor (Peter Steen) for Inheritance.

However, neither Kidman nor Werlinder were nominated by the Film Academy. Jannik Johansen's feature debut Stealing Rembrandt took as many nominations, with two for best actor (Lars Brygmann and Jakob Cedergren,) as well as Nicolas Bro as best supporting actor alongside Jesper Lohman for Morten Arnfred's Move Me.

The latter, however, didn't get a best film nomination - that went to Anders Gustafsson's Scratch instead.

The critics this year again seemed more willing to nominate non-Danish talent than did the Academy, but that by no means makes Nicole Kidman a sure bet to walk off with one of the coveted statuettes, which have been handed out by the Danish critics since 1948.

Acting nominations also went to the US's John Turturro as best actor in Nicolas Winding Refn's Fear X as well as the UK's Bronagh Gallagher as best supporting actress in Soren Kragh-Jacobsen's Skagerrak. The critics also hand out prizes to the best US and non-US films at the event in March.

BODIL nominations:

Best film:
The Inheritance, Per Fly
Dogville, Lars von Trier
Reconstruction, Christoffer Boe
Scratch, Anders Gustafsson
Stealing Rembrandt, Jannik Johansen

Best actor:
Ulrich Thomsen (The Inheritance)
Mads Mikkselsen (The Green Butchers)
Lars Brygmann (Stealing Rembrandt)
Jakob Cedergren (Stealing Rembrandt)
John Turturro (Fear X)

Best actress:
Nicole Kidman (Dogville)
Birthe Neumann (Move Me)
Stephanie Leon (Scratch)
Maria Bonnevie (Reconstruction)

Best supporting actor:
Peter Steen (The Inheritance)
Stellan Skarsgaard (Dogville)
Jesper Lohman (Move Me)
Nicolas Bro (Stealing Rembrandt)

Best supporting actress:
Lisa Werlinder (The Inheritance)
Ditte Graaboel (Move Me)
Bronagh Gallagher (Skagerrak)

Best non-US film:
City Of God
Divine Intervention
Goodbye, Lenin!
Sweet Sixteen

Best US film:
Bowling For Columbine
Far From Heaven
The Hours
Mystic River
The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King