Following the international success of Lone Scherfig's Italian for Beginners it is no surprise that even after 14 weeks on release is still hanging on to the number two spot with a total of 740.305 admissions so far.

At the top of the chart, Hannibal gave way to the very topical Proof of Life. Two Danish engineers are currently being held hostage in Bangladesh, although the pairing of stars Russell Crowe and Meg Ryan must also take some credit.

Thus Ridley Scott's Hannibal ruled the box-office for just two weeks before dropping to third, but might well reclaim the top the chart judging from it's powerful screen average.

Another case of a local and US product in close competition can be seen in the middle of the chart, where a Danish granny has been fighting off Disney's Emperor. Both aimed at the family audience, popular duo Wikke & Rasmussen's The Flying Granny has been able to keep The Emperor's New Groove at a bay, collecting 183.745 and 175.752 respectively.

The multiple local award-winning drama The Bench from newcomer Per Fly, has come back into the chart at number eight with 131.846 admissions after 20 weeks. Among others it picked up awards for best film and best actor at both the Danish Film Awards and from the association of film-critics.

The local comedy Flickering Lights is also still going strong after 19 weeks on release reaching an impressive 425.173 admissions. New on the chart were Thirteen Days, which opened at number six and Quills, which only reached 13th. The weekend's total admissions were up 20.2% compared to last year.