Danish director Christoffer Boe has begun shooting his fourth feature, which has the working title Everything Will Be Fine (Alting Bliver Godt Igen).

The film, which comes three years after Boe’s lastfeature, is set for a 2010 premiere.

Boe is working with the same team as on his previous films Reconstruction, Allegro and Offscreen. Tine Grew Pfeiffer is producing the film, which will star Nicolas Bro, Jens Albinus and Paprika Steen.

Everything Will Be Fine is funded by the Danish Film Institute and the Nordic Film and TV Fund. Negotiations with international co-producers are ongoing and it has yet to appoint a company to handle international sales.

The feature will tell the story of film director Jacob Falk, who causes a traffic accident but flees the scene out of fear about the consequences for his upcoming movie and the adoption of his son. He later discovers the man he knocked down is hiding a secret that could bring down the government, after which nothing is what it seems.

Boe won the Camera d’Or in Cannes for Reconstruction in 2003