Swedish actor Michael Nyqvist and Marcin Dorosinski, the Polish actress, have completed the cast forThe Woman That Dreamed About A Man, the new international production from Danish director PerFly.

The pair join Sonja Richter, the Danish actress, who is already attached to the $4m (Euros 3m) film. It will be shot in Paris, Warsaw and Copenhagen over eight weeks from June 2. The Danish premiere has been tentatively set for February 2010.

The Woman That Dream About A Man (a working title translated from Kvinden Der Drømte Om En Mand), tells the story of a K (Richter) who has a dream about meeting a strange man (Nyqvist). She later meets him in real life on a trip to Paris and starts an affair with him that threatens the stability of her life.

It is being produced by Ib Tradini from Zentropa and financial backing has been raised from a variety of sources including the Film Institutes of Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Meanwhile, Fly is also developing an $11.6m (Euros 9m) Balkan war drama (as yet untitled). The Godfather-style drama focuses on the rivalry between two brothers.

Fly is the director behind the class trilogy with The Bench, Inheritance and Manslaughter. All films were prize winners in Denmark and combined have sold more than 1m tickets at the Danish box office.