The Danish Film Institute has put writer-director Jesper W. Nielsen (pictured) in a highly unusual situation for a Danish filmmaker. With its $792,700 (DKR 5.5m) backing for his new comedy Don't You Know John Lennon (working title), Nielsen will have had a new film released three years in a row.

Last year saw the release of Okay, which secured two best actress film awards for Paprika Steen. This year he followed with drama The Bouncer starring high profile actors Nikolaj Coster Waldau and Iben Hjejle. The Bouncer is currently in postproduction and will be released later this year.

Don't You Know John Lennon follows the petty crook Willy, who has a fondness for music. When he gets paroled he decides to revive his old band to prove to his eight-year-old son that he isn't a failure. It is written by the Kim Fupz Aakeson (Okay, Old New Borrowed And Blue) and will be produced by Helle Loevgreen and Peter Bech for Angel Films.

Don't You Know John Lennon was backed through the DFI's 60/40 deal, where the producer puts up 40% of the budget for a commercial film and gets the 60% from the Institute.

The DFI has also put two newcomers on track for their feature debuts. They are Giacomo Campeotto and Linda Krogsoe Holmberg.

With $792,700 (DKR 5.5m) from the 60/40 deal, producer Nina Crone can greenlight newcomer Giacomo Campeotto's Moegunger (literally: Brats), which follows 11-year-old George and his plans to end the tyranny of the local janitor along with his new friends. SF Film will handle local distribution.

Linda Krogsoe Holmberg makes her feature debut with Count To 100 (working title) which received $970,000 (DKR 6.7m) from the DFI.

Based on a script by Holmberg, Count To 100 will be produced by Sidsel Kron Breck, who also makes her feature debut for Nimbus Film. Nordisk Film has Scandinavian rights.