Denmark's new right-wing cultural minister, Brian Mikkelsen, is to cut direct government support for film by $3.2m. However, protest and resistance on the part of the Danish film industry remains uncharacteristically absent.

The total amount of direct government funding will drop from 2002's $50.3m (DKR375.9m) to 2003's $47.1m (DKR352.3m) according to a new draft budget.

However, at the same time, the cultural minister's new media agreement also increases the level of annual investment in film production required by national broadcasters DR and TV 2 by some $5.3m (DKR40m) - to $8m (DKR60m).

The final balance gives the Danish film industry an additional $2.2m (DKR16.4m) a year, despite the reduction in government support.

The funding from the government will amount to a total of $13.4m (DKR100m) over four years, which according to figures from the Cultural Ministry means that the industry, with the inclusion of the broadcasters' backing, will see an increase of 15% from 2003-2006.

Opposition parties have been up in arms over the proposed budget, but the bottom line is that film is the only cultural area not effectively cut back by the new budget.

Kim Magnusson (M&M Productions), chairman of the Producer's Association, told "We can't really complain if we compare ourselves with the other areas, but that said the budget is actually $13.4m (DKR100m) [over four years] - less than the one we had proposed together with the Danish Film Institute. This will hit the production of shorts and documentaries the most."